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Seraphim Guard is a publisher of great role-playing supplements for Fudge, RuneQuest and D20. Our products are listed in the menu to the left and can be safely purchased using the PayPal 'add to cart' buttons found throughout the site. You can puchase some of our products in hard-copy from Lulu.

Cult of Fire

The second in our line of Elemental Cults for the Mongoose RuneQuest (tm) game. Cult of Fire, is a new cult for players and NPCs. This supplement provides a background for the cult and quite a few new spells, both Divine and Rune. Enjoy.

Buy it now in pdf format for only $2.50.

Order of the Hanged Ones

Seraphim Guard is pleased to present our latest offering for d20 OGL as part of our plain wrap supplement line.

Order of the Hanged Ones is a 6 page OGL supplement that features a new prestige class and details a clandestine group of freedom fighting arcane magic wielders.

Super Teams Super Bases

Check out 'Super Teams Super Bases' by Scott Moore. A great resource for creating complex well-oiled Super Teams and awesome Bases for them to occupy! You can safely purchase the pdf for only $6.25 from our paypal powered shop.

While created for the 4C system the information contained in the 33 page supplement is easily converted into whatever system you are using to power your Super Hero campaign. Scott took a higher level look at Super Team and Super Base building and fills in the blanks that most games leave empty.

Cult of Elemental Water

An Water Elemental Cult for Runequest. Offering a background on the cult and many new spells. Plus a very interesting creature! We hope you enjoy it.

A companion to the Fire Cult for RuneQuest. Look for other Elemental Cults soon.

Buy Cult of Elemental Water for only $2.75

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